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Blessing TX
United States 77419

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Pond Locations

Duck hunting takes place on our prairie ponds, DU projects, managed wetlands, reservoirs, flooded crop, and moist soil units. 


Pond sites are located in and around the towns of Blessing, Palacios, Eagle Lake, Louise, Speaks, Cordele, and Taiton.

Water Sources & Availability

We do not wait for or rely on rain water for our ponds.  Our water is pumped from a variety of sources, including river water and numerous wells throughout the properties.  Ponds are refilled as needed as we work to maintain optimal levels at our locations.


Our locations have a variety of blinds (metal skid blinds, pit blinds, wood box blinds) to fit all of our members' needs.  Blinds are maintained and replaced, as needed, to afford our members comfort and safety.

Field Locations

Goose, Dove, & Sand hill Crane...

Geese, doves, and sandhill crane are hunted over varied cropland.  Hunting for these birds is included as part of our group waterfowl club memberships.

Field locations are in and around the towns of Blessing, Palacios, Eagle Lake, Cordele, Speaks, Tin Top, Clemville, and Louise.

Hog Hunting & Conservation Snow Goose Hunting...

During the waterfowl season, our members have the opportunity to participate in the hunting and eradication of feral hogs across BHC properties.  Conservation snow goose hunting is available to our members who renew from season to season.